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Party Lighting

Glow Clothing Get Creative with Glow Paints GlowSticks You Can Wear
Joe Glow says...

Have a GLOW PARTY! glowing necklaces and neon glow bracelets are cheap but loadsa fun!
Clubber Toys!

Mood Lights

Mood lights that can transform any room. Here we have mood lighting both big and small that will make any space look amazing. We have even got mood lighting for your bath tub!

Under Water Light Show best seller

Under Water Light Show

Relax after a hard nights partying in a soothing colour change bath. Fantastic for unwinding after a hard day the colours will mesmerise you as you enjoy a little me time.
Mystical Fire (5 Pack)

Mystical Fire

Add a little wonder and magic to camp fires with fantastic colour change Mystical Fire. A must have for camping and festivals for atmospheric, enchanting fire light.
Galaxy Light

Galaxy Light

Project fabulous stars into your home and relax in the soothing atmospheric light emitted from the Galaxy Light. Battery powered and so fully portable, this fantastic little mood light can be used for relaxing with or even to brighten up your party lighting.
Laser Sphere Projector

Laser Sphere Projector

Laser Sphere Projector uses coloured LED lights and red lasers create stunning mood lighting effects in either it's own sphere-diffuser or projected onto your walls.
Moodpod Moodpod
Moodpod Set the tone in your home with fabulous, colourful light! The Moodpod projects an outstanding colour wash onto your surfaces.

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